Generic Running Plans

Running Plans for the Stronger in Heart

Many runners struggle with maintaining consistency, which is a huge hit to the development of our hearts and lungs. One of the reasons I love creating weekly plans for people is it helps them overcome the struggle of being consistent. The Generic Running Plans Group was built for individuals who don't have a hard time with that.

However, it is still important to me that I build a relationship with my clients, so I've created a system that allows me to do that

There are three opportunities available to you.

The first is a training plan that I build monthly for you. With this plan, you'll receive four weeks of training, an initial 30 min consultation, and a monthly 30 min online appointment to discuss how your training went and how we will move forward.

The second is a three month training plan that I will build for you. It includes an initial 30 min consultation and three 30 min online appointments (1/month) to discuss your training and to make any necessary adjustments.

The third option is the cheapest, but with the least amount of flexibility. This plan offers three months of training with an initial 30 min consultation and one 30 min online appointment every three months.